What are Chimney Cakes and Cones?


The Chimney Cake, or TRDLO as it is called in Czech, has been part of the deep-rooted Czech heritage since the 18th century. Brought to the region by Hungarian nobility, the Czech people took their recipe and made it their own by removing the caramelized glaze and replacing it directly with a rich sprinkling of almond sugar. This variant became a popular street food amongst tourists and locals alike.


The Chimney Cone, on the other hand, has its origins in the beautiful markets of Prague, Czech Republic. Cones are filled with delicious compotes, fruits and ice creams with limitless topping possibilities. The cone’s versatility gave it a level of popularity, which has allowed it to grow well beyond those lively Christmas markets.


At Rollin’ Street Bakery we are pleased to bring our recipe to the beautiful state of Colorado. We offer sweet and savory flavors and have options available for those with dietary restrictions. Try our variations or get creative and make your own!

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