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Our Story | Rollin' Street Bakery

As you walk through the Christmas markets of Old Town Prague on a chilly December afternoon or you’re touring the beautiful architecture of the Orloy astronomical clock in the bold summer heat, you can’t help but notice the strong, sweet smell of sugar and cinnamon. A few steps ahead gathers a large crowd of tourists and locals gathered around a little Chimney Cake stand. The ambiance of happiness and joy inspired us to bring a part of our heritage to the Colorado.

We didn’t want to be like everyone else, using the same recipes and simply introducing them to new parts of the world. We knew that we had to be different and unique in sharing this little piece of our heart and home. So we took it a step further, we used a secret recipe from great-grandpa Bambula’s recipe book. You see, great-grandpa Bambula was a baker, and a really good one at that. He baked for 30 years following World War I and well through World War II and so we feel this is the best way to honor his tradition and legacy.

Rollin’ Street Bakery Chimney Cakes and Cones are always prepared fresh and with the highest quality premium ingredients. Roll on by and stop in for a fresh and delicious Chimney Cake – we can’t promise it will change your world, but it will make it just a little sweeter.

The Vision of the Company is to share happiness, joy and a part of heritage through unique, fresh and delicious baked goods without preservatives in premium quality.

The Slogan of the Company is “We Design Delicious.”

The Core Values of the Company are:

  • Quality first
  • To be innovative, unique and different
  • Passion – Heart & Mind
  • Friendly Customer Service
  • Keep it simple
  • Have Fun
  • Integrity – Honest, Open, Ethical, and Fair
  • Sustainability – Go green as much as possible